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Thank you for interacting we me everyone. I really appreciate it ♡♡

- Anonymous

15. Favorite Akatsuki Member

Konan? Hidan? I loved all of them besides obito. I loved Tobi. TT_TT

20. Answered

25. Character You Deem Annoying

See answer for 26

28. Best character clothes.

I love Jiraiya’s clothes, Hinata’s because they aren’t all that revealing. Kushina’s mom apron is cute. And of coure Mito and her goddess kimono.

29. Best Character Eyes

Naruto’s by far. By far. So beautiful.

2+7! c:
- asamino

Favorite Kunoichi,

Answered, but you know your uzumaki princess is up there.

Favorite Team

Legendary sanin team, I love all three of them.

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all of the evens? :D
- godofsenju

Favorite Kunoichi

Kushina, Karin, Tsunade or Hinata. Kunoichi favorites are scarce.

Favorite Sensei

Jiraiya by far. The best sensei and godfather.

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12, 16, 33
- treetopshinobi

12. Favorite Theme Ending

"Cascade" where Naruto and Sasuke fight. It’s incredible!

16. Favorite Bijuu

Kurama definitely.

33. Why and when did you start watching Naruto?

2002, when I lived in Cuba. I remember watching the Hokage fight on cartoon network because it was the only thing that came on cable in Guantanamo bay.

Since then Naruto was my saving grace! My parents just went through a huge divorce so Naruto saved me in more ways than I can count.

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  1. Overall Favorite Character
  2. Favorite Kunoichi
  3. Favorite Shinobi
  4. Favorite Sensei
  5. Favorite Hokage
  6. Favorite Kage
  7. Favorite Team
  8. Favorite Villain
  9. Favorite Summoning Animal
  10. Favorite Chakra Nature
  11. Favorite Theme Opening
  12. Favorite Theme Ending
  13. Favorite Movie
  14. Favorite Fight
  15. Favorite Akatsuki Member
  16. Favorite Bijuu
  17. Favorite Jinchuuriki
  18. Favorite Filler Episode
  19. Favorite Music Score/Song (not opening/ending)
  20. Any OTPs/Ships
  21. Any BroTPs
  22. Any NoTPs
  23. Character Most Like You
  24. Character You Want to be Like
  25. Character You Deem Annoying
  26. Character You Just Hate
  27. Best Character Hair
  28. Best Character Clothes
  29. Best Character Eyes
  30. Worst Character Hair
  31. Worst Character Clothes
  32. Worst Character Eyes
  33. Why & when did you start reading/watching Naruto?
  34. How are you going to feel after the series ends?
  35. If you could ask Kishimoto any question, what would it be?
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"….Can people get fleas from cats??"



"No sweetheart. But they can go from your pets to your carpet…and judging by my view you haven’t cleaned in months." She stated with one hand on her hip, giving him the judging mother look.

Skirting his eyes towards the floor, Naruto barely resisted the urge to scratch at his neck- not out of awkwardness, but because it itched to all hell.

"S-so is there any way to- uh, kill them all really quickly?" 


A quick sigh and smile, she always had patience for the blond prince. “Alright Naruto, you’ll have to do the heavy lifting since you’re the man. Move your bed so we can vacuum under, and now’s your chance to hide any porn you have underneath your mattress.” Rolling up her sleeves and laughing knowing that’d get a cute expression out of him. “We’ll have to wash your bed sheets too.” Already working his pillows out of their covers.


I didn’t wanna fall in love, not at all. But at some point you smiled, and, holy shit, I blew it


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