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"Will You Marry Me?"


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— - For a moment, Noboru freezes, unsure of what to make of such a sudden question as a marriage proposal. His eyes just stare at hers, looking for any indication of a joke, but found none. Soon, his stiff composure relaxed and a laugh left his lips. Noboru held up his finger. 
"Wait here."
The shinobi walked to their bedroom and went into their closet. In the very back was another pair of uniform pants that hadn’t been touched in too long and in one of the pouches, a small black box, safely stored away from any accidental finds his lover might encounter.
Noboru grabbed the box and walked back into the living room. He sat next to Fai who was on the couch. A sly smile graced his features as he kissed his lover on the lips ever so gently.
"Don’t you think you could’ve waited just a bit longer for me to ask? I had a whole dinner planned and everything, ya know,” he chuckled. Opening the box, was a ring handpicked by the shinobi himself. 

"So, I think the question is… will you marry me?” 


realest cosplay you will ever see

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supervillan skeleton

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“Luxury Seat”


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Without skipping a beat, the male’s arms wrapped around the other’s waist.  ”Well this is a pleasant surprise.”  Tenzou tilted his head, wearing a delighted smile as he met her gaze.

—— -

"Mmmm. Hehehe!" Closing the gap to press her lips to his briefly. "You being home early from the mission is a pleasant surprise." Nuzzling into his cheek, smiling from ear to ear.


[NSFW] Dark Desires: Hopeless Lingerie’s “Tenebrae” Collection

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