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When people think it’s too early to celebrate Halloween

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so what's your muses canon place in the timeline? like is she 23 during the shippuden timeline or

Basically! She is 23 in the shippuden timeline but we are kinda flexible.

For example the RP you liked between her and Hashi-sensei. Fai is still 23, but she’s in the Founder’s Era AU.

Unless stated Future AU, Fai is 23 no matter if the other muse we’re interacting with is or is not canon age. Like for example flourishingroot, her sai is I think 18 in our little RPs? Hue..hue…>u>

SO yeah! I hope i answered your question sweet angel ; ;. Sorry if it doesn’t make sense. I had work at 5:30 this morning so my brain is like BLARGH



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