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Why Men Love Curvy Women (It's Science!)

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"Anata! Stop it-!" Fighting so hard, only to fail and have her cheeks blush pink anyway. Outside in the sanctuary, on a date after being relinquished from mommy duty by her best friend.

She giggled, despite it all, as both hands wanted to wander under her dress and up her thighs. His lips danced around her bare shoulders, up to her cheeks and the corner of her lips. “You’re going to smear my make-up! Pfft. After I took so long trying to look pretty for you.” Grabbing and squishing his face so he couldn’t continue his perverted quest.

"Let me eat my actual dessert first. Then you can have yours." Pressing a quick kiss to his lips, knowing she couldn’t deny him for long.

She wouldn’t want to anyway.

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Send me “ஜ” to see my muses reaction to yours asking for sex

—— -

Rough fingers tickled her thigh, sliding up ever so slowly, over the curve of her hip and past the hem of her silk gown. “Mmmm-m…” she mumbled, a smile creeping up on her lips as a warm body pressed into her back. “Tenzou you have work tomorrow….”


Making no move to stop him as his hand slipped between her thighs and higher.

"You’re insatiable~" smiling lazily, giving into his request, tugging him down as he hovered over her.

"Looks like I am too."

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